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Ms Tasileta Tagiilima started working at Don Bosco Technical Centre (DBTC) in Alafua, Samoa, in 2018 on a temporary contract to help with secretarial duties. Little was Tasileta to know that this temporary role was the start of a beautiful journey that has touched the lives of so many, right up to the present day!

When you imagine what it might be like in the Pacific Island of Samoa, no doubt there are images of a crystal blue ocean and palm trees dotting a pristine beach. In fact, this is true as Samoa is bursting with an abundance of natural beauty. As in most Pacific countries, the people with their welcoming spirit and contagious smiles are even more beautiful than the surrounding landscape. The deeply traditional society prides itself on its hospitality and welcoming nature. The concept of ‘Alofa’, Love, pervades every aspect of their life.

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